Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Peeping sun rays, sparkling water,
Dense green forest, shallow river,
Chirping crickets, softening soil,
Rock clenched mosses, bright flowers.

Sunday afternoon, sunny weather,
Feeling melancholy, experiencing lightness,
Moist grass bed, gentle breeze,
Thinking past, Fearing future.

Swirling leaves, trembling rabbit,
Crisp cold air, steep slope,
Rising smoke, bowing trees,
Silent hill, cotton like clouds.

Long been lost, just been here,
Fading voices, falling fears,
Happy then, happier now,
Loving life, living dreams.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Days

The days are lonely, although bright

I struggle hard to get myself right
For theres a lot, I have to fight
But sometimes I do loose my might.

The days are lovely, although dark
I sit on the bench by the pine bark
Longing to listen to the lark
Wanting life to make its mark.

The days are green, although it snows
Left myself someplace no one knows
There a urge to return, and it grows
Like a torn up page that kid throws.

The days are dry, although it rains
I feel happy, in harmony with the pains
life is nothing but all what one gains
I wish I was born without my brains.